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Medical pager production specifications are different

The methods of producing different specifications for medical pagers are also different. When the subway was staring at the phone seriously, Zhoutou actually wrinkled unconsciously. After years and years, the Sichuan word on the eyebrows is formed, so I don't want to "smear" anymore. Medical equipment belt. And for a long time, people who look down on the same thing for a long time, because the forehead skin is tight for a long time (also because the skin is short of water, aging itself, etc.), a head will be "three" wrinkles.
Looking down at the mobile phone for the body damage is still the cervical vertebrae. When we look down at the mobile phone, the angle of the frontal curvature of the cervical vertebra is more than 450, more than 30 in the sitting position. If the incorrect posture is persistent, it may cause serious symptoms and long-term fixation. Anthony can cause "shoulder-neck syndrome" of shoulder and neck pain, fake hard or hand numbness. If the cervical spine is in an abnormal state of flexion for a long time, it will cause damage to the cervical spine, and this damage is several times higher than watching the computer.
Many low-headed people will not agree, saying that I have been down for so long and I don't feel anything wrong. These diseases are an additive process. Many people think that their illness seems to have occurred suddenly on a certain day. Actually, it is not, but after a bad habit reaches a peak, it is suddenly killed by a certain thing. In addition, you may feel the following discomfort during this process. This discomfort is actually a sign of cervical spondylosis, suggesting that we must pay attention. Dizziness, headache or migraine that has not healed for a long time. Continuous tinnitus or hearing loss for non-ear causes.
Unexplained arrhythmia, similar to symptoms of angina. Long-term hypotension or "unexplained" high blood pressure. Visceral dysfunction, such as respiratory system, digestive system, endocrine system dysfunction, etc. Unexplained insomnia and dreams, memory decline. Always look at the side or repeat the pillow. Repeated neck and back pain. Long-term snoring.
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