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Pay attention to timely hydration during exercise

First, the amount of water
It is not accurate enough to grasp the amount of drinking water by subjective thirst. The better indicator is the amount of sweating in the body. The amount of water added in exercise is 80% of the amount of sweating. (The amount of sweat can be from the weight before and after exercise. Change measured). The simple way to master the amount of water is to add some drinks to the tomb that meets the thirst. However, the amount of drinking water should not be too much. When the drinking water exceeds the amount of sweating, it also has adverse effects on the body, which can cause hyponatremia (also known as water intoxication). Medical device belts are used in large quantities.
Second, the temperature of the water should be suitable
The temperature of the water is preferably 8-14 ° C, and the water of this temperature passes through the stomach faster. The gastrointestinal function of the elderly is poor. Try not to drink cold water. Sudden cold stimulation will cause the vasoconstriction of the gastrointestinal tract to cause spasm, resulting in dysfunction of the digestive system, which is not conducive to water absorption. Solve the problem of "thirst".
3. Replenish water before exercise
In order to temporarily store some water in the body and reduce the degree of water shortage during exercise, the elderly can properly replenish water 10 to 15 minutes before exercise, which can increase the circulating blood volume and reduce the blood viscosity. But remember not to drink too much water at one time; 150 to 200 ml is appropriate, so as not to increase the burden on the heart and gastrointestinal tract.
Fourth, a small number of times
In the exercise, the elderly should drink a small amount of water, once every 20-30 minutes, 150-200 ml each time, about 1 cup. This method of drinking water, water will continue to enter the body, so that the blood volume does not change too much, the body environment is relatively stable, does not increase the burden of the gastrointestinal and heart, is conducive to the physiological process and exercise activities.
Do not drink plenty of water during exercise, because a large amount of water suddenly enters the body, which will dilute the blood, increase blood volume, and increase the burden on the heart. In addition, a large amount of water stays in the stomach, which can also make the elderly feel uncomfortable, hinder exercise, and reduce exercise capacity. Medical pagers are used in large quantities.
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