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Factors affecting the healing speed of wounds

1. age (especially the elderly, the healing rate will be slow)
2. tissue oxygenation and poor perfusion
3. Wound infection, pollution, or systemic sepsis
4. anemia (hemorrhagic and chronic)
5. nutritional status (nutrition / obesity, lack of vitamin A or C, zinc, iron or copper)
6. stress (physical or psychological)
7. medical history [liver failure, vascular disease, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), uremia, cancer, chronic alcohol addiction, immunosuppression, etc.]
8. the history of drugs (especially steroids (Steroids) and hormone drugs affect the rate of healing)
9. radiation, chemotherapy
10. suture, drainage, foreign body, wrap or dressing (wetting therapy is easier to heal)
11. the patient's compliance with the treatment plan
12. maintenance and diet nursed back to health (smoke, alcohol, spicy food, etc. affect the healing rate, wound site and blood circulation, whether it is stressed again)
13. Other special circumstances
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