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Purpose and points of purification control

The purpose of the purification design is to prevent outdoor pollutants from intruding into the room through the purification design, reduce the postoperative infection rate, and eliminate indoor polluted air to prevent the spread of the bacteria.
According to the design purpose, pay attention to the following points in the operating room design:
1. Use air filtration to remove bacteria and dust from the air.
2. relying on the airflow tissue to dilute and eliminate the dust (bacteria) of the medical staff, so that the indoor level of sterility.
3. Control the pressure gradient in the surgical department to allow reasonable airflow and pressure distribution between different areas to prevent the intrusion of external pollutants.
4. Maintain proper temperature and humidity, reduce the amount of bacteria in the body and indoor bacterial growth.
5. exhaust gas and harmful gases, so that indoor air is fresh and air quality.
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