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P-carboxyphenylalanine urine detection reagent

First, the characteristics of urine screening reagents
       Wide range of applications: All cancers can be detected.
       Non-invasive: consumers are easy to accept.
       Convenient to pick up: simple operation, no equipment requirements, results are reported quickly, you can detect it yourself.
       Strong specificity: the positive coincidence rate is 86%, the negative coincidence rate is 97%, the accuracy rate is high, and the preparation rate is improved after the interference is eliminated.
       The detection cost is relatively low: it can be used for population cancer screening, cancer clinical auxiliary diagnosis and dynamic monitoring of efficacy.
       Compared with imaging examination and conventional tumor markers, this product has higher detection accuracy and can detect 1000 cell levels (100,000 tumor markers and 1 billion imaging tests), which can be used to screen tumors. in advance.

Second, the method of use
       1, take fresh clean urine samples
       2. Firmly fold back at the break point of the ampoule
       3, using a urinary tube to absorb urine samples
       4, take 3ml of urine sample into the ampoules
       Observe the color of the precipitate after 5 minutes and compare it with the standard swatch

Third, the operation steps
       1. Take fresh clean urine for the first time in the morning.
       2. The temperature at the test is 20 °C. The above 3 ml of urine was added to the ampule containing the reagent, shaken and allowed to stand for 3-5 minutes, and the color of the precipitate was compared with the standard color plate to judge the result.

Fourth, the intended use
       The reagent is used for qualitative detection of the concentration of p-hydroxyphenylalanine (tyrosine) in urine, and can be used for the auxiliary diagnosis of intracellular metabolic abnormal diseases and early cancer screening.

Fifth, matters needing attention
       1. This product is only for in vitro diagnosis and is prohibited from oral administration.
       2. This reagent is highly corrosive and should be used with special care. If it is splashed on the skin or clothing, please wash it with soapy water quickly; if it is accidentally splashed into the eyes, wash it with clean water and go to the hospital if necessary.
       3. Once the human body has cancer cells, it will produce strong stress, leading to the metabolism of related amino acids, and positive reaction with this reagent. Some cancer patients, such as leukemia, brain tumors, advanced cancer, and cancer patients in treatment, will be negative.
       4, severe liver disease, kidney or hematuria and taking a large amount of salicylic acid drugs, prone to false positives; gastritis, carcinoid syndrome and other induced stress reactions lead to abnormal amino acid metabolism, false positives have been detected, should be distinguished .
       5. Cancer patients (advanced patients) may not be positive due to loss of stress during various treatments.

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